The Chinese word "磨 (mó)" means grinding. Ancient Chinese people used grinding to create new food material. Our head chef Andly, was born in a place where tofu was originally come from, and grew up with the company of grinding. In a way, "磨" represents a sense of emotion Andly has towards food. 

When opening this private kitchen in 2015, chef Andly wants a place that will make the customers feel like going to a friend's house, instead of going to a restaurant. In Andly Private Kitchen, you will enjoy the finest ingredients selected by the chef and the full-on flavor of Chinese food. 




Chef Andly has over 15 years experience in the dinning industry. He was employed as the head chief of Asia Hotel Yantai at the age of 24. When he came to Australia, he has found out the huge potential of private kitchen in the Australia market.

Andly treats his private kitchen like his own home. In his private kitchen, he is the chef, the waiter, and also the host. The traditional rule of "chef should not meet the customer" is somehow not important in his place. 

Andly has won multiple dish awards in his career. He has serviced politicians and entertainers such as Chinese President Jiang Zeming, Jackie Cheng, Jet Li, and David Beckham. 

Chef Andly Li
Andly Li

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